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boofa bootloader for ATmega8

The boofa bootloader is a small bootloader to program AVR devices over a serial line. Originally developed for ATmega16 and ATmega128 devices, the myAVR team developed a version for ATmega8 (download DL233).

The myAVR version contains an error in the lock bit masking. I fixed that:

diff -urNw ./lock.asm ...

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MediaMonkey uninstall and Autoplay

I really do not like software that does more than the obvious thing. And I dislike not working uninstallers even more. MediaMonkey is such software.

A few weeks ago I was looking for some new media player software for my Windows PC and installed MediaMonkey 4.0.7.

Last weekend ...

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Display with rotary encoder

Rotary (or quadrature) encoders are those little knobs found on many devices to set the speaker volume. They can also have a push button built in.

Although I am aware of many DIY projects that drive a display for use with LCDproc that use keys as well, I didn't ...

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Display FAT file system details

Recently I was looking for some program that will dump / display information about the FAT (FAT12, FAT16 or FAT32) file system on an SDHC card. I found many web pages describing how FAT works, but no such program.

The most promising was The Sleuth Kit, but that did not work ...

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Boot loader for GLCD2USB

While developing the SED1520 firmware for GLCD2USB I found it a little annoying to use a AVR flash tool each time I made a change. Fortunately, I found that the USBaspLoader boot loader written by Objective Development Software GmbH is a great companion for the GLCD2USB device.

Here is a ...

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